Window Fitting

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Adding windows to your VW Van is a must and an investment in your van. Whether it is to create a combi, camper or just for the improved vision you will never regret it! It, therefore, makes sense to ensure that you choose good quality products and experienced Installers. Poorly installed windows can leak air and water and are unsafe when the vehicle is in use. The Dubfather is an expert at fitting windows and has all the legal qualifications to ensure your windows are installed correctly and in line with insurance and vehicle safety guidelines. Here at Dubdaddy Campers, the process for window installation has been developed to ensure you get the right products fitted to high standards in a quick time. All exposed metal work is treated to prevent any corrosion; the windows are then installed and profiled to the OEM factory standards. All our windows are bonded in. Remember the window drying time is 2 hours, so don’t be rushing off now!