Oxygen Moveairlite Classic


A versatile single inflation point driveaway air awning with breathable ground sheet option

MoveAirLite Classic The MoveAirLite Classic and MoveAirLite Classic XL are fantastic new additions to the Movelite Range for 2016 with a revolutionary touch. This drive away awning has a single inflation point welded Oxygen Air Frame tube that inflates in just two minutes. It measures 300cm in length by 300cm in width. The Oxygen Air Frame uses the Dynamic Speed Valve, the fastest valve on the market taken directly from the marine industry, and the Intelligent Frame Relief Valve an exclusive valve to Outdoor Revolution which prevents the tube from over inflation. The Relief Valve regulates the pressure inside the tube and if the pressure gets too high the valve will release the surplus air. The MoveAirLite Classic also comes with a single inflatable roof support which Velcro’s in between the tubes on the inside to provide additional support to the awning. The MoveAirLite Classic is made from 100 Denier Polyester Fabric which is printed with a hex applique print to provide a modern and dynamic look. The material is strong and durable with a Sun Pro UV coating to ensure years of use from this driveway awning. All the windows in the awning are Tintz Tinted Windows which reduces the glare from the sun whilst allowing the light in. The windows also have embossed zip in curtains to provide privacy from the caravan site as and when it is required. The MoveAirLite has two rear cowl access doors to enable entry into the vehicle without disturbing the rest of the awning. The MoveAirLite Classic comes with a removable groundsheet the perfect option for those campsites which don’t allow permanent groundsheets. If preferred, an optional breathable version can be purchased to replace this removable groundsheet. An optional two berth annex can be fitted on to either side of this Drive Away awning, or on both sides at the same time if required. It is the perfect accessory to provide additional sleeping or storage space to the awning

Weight 50 kg


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